Welcome to day 18 of your Summer Sculpt Challenge! Each daily bodyweight workout is designed with a different target in mind to achieve best results. You will find the number of sets and repetitions with each exercise demonstration along with a description of the exercise. 

4 rounds X 12 reps/each side

Set a platform (you can use a box, step or anything sturdy to create a slight incline) and place one foot on it. Take a step back with your left foot while lowering yourself so that the right knee nearly touches the floor. Return to starting position and perform with your right leg. Continue to alternate legs.

rounds X 12 reps/each side

Stand with your back against a chair (or bench/stand), placing one foot on top of the surface. Bend your knee and lower your body as far as possible. Push your body up returning to the starting position.

rounds X 15 reps

Stand with your feet wide apart and toes pointing outward. Drop into a squat and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Return to starting position.

rounds X 12 reps/each side

Start on your hands and knees with shoulders over your hands keeping your core engaged. Flexing your foot and squeezing your glutes, bring one leg up to a 90-degree angle making small pulse movements up and down. Bring leg down to starting position and repeat with other leg.

rounds X 15 reps/each leg

Start on your hands and knees with shoulders over your hands keeping your core engaged. Lift your leg to the side and stop at hip height. Return to the starting position.

rounds X 15 reps/each side

Lie on your side legs stacked and knees bent. Resting your head on your lower arm, engage core and lift upper knee as high as you can. Maintain lower leg on the floor and return to starting position.

rounds X 60 secs

Lean back against the wall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Pressing back, slide down ensuring that your thighs are parallel with the ground. Hold the position for up to 60 seconds if you're able to. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat.